Spring 2022 Alabama College Application Week - No Fees

A press release from the State of Alabama Department of Education: Students are applying to college this week with no fees! This Special Statewide Application Event is Being Held February 27 – March 5, 2022

Montgomery, Ala. – This week, high school students will have the opportunity to participate in our Spring 2022 College Application Campaign on February 27–March 5. This is an extension of the wonderful college application event that was held this past October, for thousands of Alabama high school seniors.

“During our recent college application campaign held in October, we had over 25,000 seniors across the state apply to colleges and universities. Due to the success of this campaign, colleges and universities throughout the country have agreed to host another event for students,” said Alabama College Application Campaign (ALCAC) Coordinator, Dr. Monica P. Mack. “Students that did not apply to a college or university during the initial campaign are encouraged to participate in this event.”

Several Colleges Have Waived Application Fees for this Year’s Event
*The following colleges and universities have officially waived their application fees this week to allow Alabama students participating in ALCAC Week Spring 2022, to submit their applications to their institutions at no cost:

  • Alabama State University – Alabama
  • Allen University – South Carolina
  • Andrew College – Georgia
  • Athens State University – Alabama
  • Auburn University at Montgomery – Alabama
  • Faulkner University – Alabama
  • Florida Southern College – Florida
  • Huntingdon College – Alabama
  • Jacksonville State University – Alabama
  • Marion Military Institute – Alabama
  • Maryville College – Tennessee
  • Mississippi College – Mississippi
  • Spring Hill College – Alabama
  • Talladega College – Alabama
  • Troy University – Alabama
  • University of Alabama – Alabama
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville – Alabama
  • University of Montevallo – Alabama
  • University of North Alabama – Alabama
  • University of South Alabama – Alabama
  • University of Tennessee Southern – Tennessee
  • University of West Alabama – Alabama
  • University of West Georgia – Georgia
  • Alabama Community College System – Alabama
  • Bevill State Community College – Alabama
  • Bishop State Community College – Alabama
  • Gadsden State Community College – Alabama
  • Northeast Alabama Community College – Alabama
  • Shelton State Community College – Alabama
  • Southern Union State Community College – Alabama
  • Trenholm State Community College – Alabama
  • Wallace Community College-Dothan – Alabama

*See the list of required application codes and information at the link below, for each participating college. This information is important because it helps to ensure submitted applications from Alabama students are FREE for Alabama College Application Week:

Alabama College Application Week was started nine years ago to increase the overall number of students in our state applying to, and ultimately enrolling in, postsecondary education.

The Cash for College FAFSA initiative and Alabama College Application Week were combined into a single campaign (Alabama Possible) to help more K-12 students apply to college early and complete their FAFSA applications.

A key goal of this initiative is to increase the number of young people, especially first-generation and low-income students, pursuing college degrees.

Additional Information and Resources
Students and parents can also get tips on college scholarships and much more at the Alabama Possible-Cash for College website:

Learn more about College Application Week by contacting your local school counselor or
ALCAC Coordinator, Dr. Monica P. Mack at 334-694-4779 or monica.mack@ALSDE.edu.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Communication
February 22, 2022 (334) 694-4686